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An incorrect Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) attached to your business listing could largely impact your business. If you feel that your customers will somehow find their way through to you even if there is a minor glitch with your business listings, think again.

(Name, Address and Phone Number) NAP consistency is of great significance when it comes to business listings especially because NAP is one of the most important factors to enjoy a high rank on search engines’ results page. Business Directories allow users the option to edit your business listing, edit your business page and edit other business details. 

You can simply edit business page by signing into your account on a particular directory and make the necessary changes. Some directories will offer you a direct option for editing business name, editing address and other “Inaccurate Details.” However, you may need to report the problem to the admin in case of other directories and obtain the necessary permissions before you go ahead and make changes. After reporting the problem, you can get it fixed immediately.

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NAP correction is done following 3 standard steps.

1. By reporting error from the business profile page.

2. By Claiming the business through email. 

3. By Contacting directory site through email.


We follow up couple of times to make sure there is a full-hearted attempt. We cannot fix the listings that are from Yext and other powered by sites and those that require phone verification. We will provide complete documentation of our effort.